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I'm not sure how,

But this was even less coherent than any of the other flashes I've seen from you. It's also awesome. Just saying.

Kind of reminds me

Of all the M-Bot messages I get, telling me my reviews have been deleted because I told a popular author that his flash was terrible, or just for no real reason at all.

And yet KW4571CK$13KAA8VS remains able to tell every flash authr that ever makes anything how their flash was "pretty good" and that he "thought it could use some improvement in a few areas," but that "overall he liked it."

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

extreemely well said words of incredible truth and sincerity.

Surpasses the original

Due to the presence of actual animation and the fact that it's actually funny.

Starberry responds:

uzuuzu shiteiru nanika yaritai
demo yaritai koto ga nai
wakuwaku shitai yo dokoka ikitai
demo ikitai toko mo nai

10% (juu PAASENTO) no SURIRU to ima koko ni aru okane to
usupperai ningen ja manzoku shikirenai
sou motto hoshii motto hoshii yo choudai yo
ima shika ajiwaenai MONO oishii MONO
takusan tabetai

uzuuzu shiteiru nanika yaritai
demo yaritai koto ga nai
DOKIDOKI shitai yo koi ga shitai yo
demo ROKU 2 na YATSU ga inai

kesa no TV (TEREBI) no NYUUSU to ima koko ni aru okane to
awai koi no omoide ja manzoku shikirenai
sou motto hoshii motto hoshii yo choudai yo
imi shika ajiwaenai MONO oishii MONO
takusan tabeta~i

takusan tabetai
tsumannai nai wo nugedashita~i!!!

imi shika ajiwaenai MONO oishii MONO
takusan takusan
takusan tabeta~i!!!

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Good in its simplicity

Despite it being a bit limited. Add in a toolbar that allows you to add in more circles or mirrors, change the attractiveness or repulsion of the objects and you would have the sort of thing that I mess around with for hours.

TheCleverOne responds:

Thats what the reeal attractors 3 is for

Best game ever.


Good fun

After playing though the game once normally (And let me say that you have done a damn good job of making this game since I've seen what you intended it to be) I decided to have some fun and see how much I could mess up the game before it became completely unplayable. Although this obviously wasn't your intention, it's rather a lot of fun. Sort of like how Halo is fun when you figure out all the things that the programmers missed.

I found that the first trick is to hide a lot. When I did it once, doing it a second time would cause me to switch to the icon of being stuck to the roof, and I would continue to rise upwards at a steady rate, going through whichever solid objects I felt like. After accelerating at unreasonable speeds through the walls, I eventually got to the boss,and decided to go through the roof. The roof is still perfectly tangible like all the other surfaces in the game, so it's easy enough to run around on it, and it almost seems like it was textured to be run on as well.

There was only one guard on the roof, and I'm not sure if he was put there as another test or if it was just another glich, but I strangled him and took his lightning staff, so I had it earlier than I was supposed to. I ran from the roof back to the beginning of the game and waited for the fire staff guard to open the door, from which point I got to see the real game.

Let me say that you did a brilliant job on the graphics. Although they seem simplistic, all the different animations move with great fluidity, and the running jump seems particularly good to me.

The controls didn't really "feel right" at first, and I kept throwing my staff away instead of shooting it, but I eventually got used to them. The only thing I had to stop doing was trying to hide (But you'll probably try to fix that).

So I just made my way through the game normally, which proved to be one of the best games I've played on this site once you get the hang of it. Once I saw that you hadn't put the boss in the game yet (all the glitches must be killing you), it might be a good thing since you've already pretty much pushed Flash past its limit. Oh well, I was content with "hiding" and running off the right side of the roof into an endless white abyss.

Good stuff.

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Good stuff.

I can see why they used this song in Metal Rose Dream.

GS-Screamer responds:

I am humbled to have it used in such a wonderful flash. If anyone reading this has not seen Metal Rose Dream, I suggest they do, and do so soon!

The spectrum always seems to shift back to the left. What a terrible stroke of bad luck, and things were just starting to go right.

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